Pretoria Youth Theatre

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Why us?

We are currently the largest youth theatre in South Africa! We produce over 9 shows a year, offer classes to children, and give KIDS the opportunity to direct, act, sing, dance, do sound and lighting and create films. We give youth the advantage before they go to University


Noddy’s Interesting PicnicNoddy and friends have a picnic while 2 goblins are determined to destroy the picnic! How can Big Ears save the day? 

Upcoming Show

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Acting Classes

We offer acting classes from age 2-18 years.

Theatre Shows

We offer shows to the public- Junior productions aimed at 1-8 years old and productions for the whole family to enjoy!

Pretoria Youth Theatre: Classes and shows for theatre enthusiasts

Are you looking for a place where you can showcase your talents in acting, singing, dancing or filmmaking? You have come to the right website! Welcome to Pretoria Youth Theatre, the largest youth theatre in South Africa that produces over 9 shows per year. Start your theatre journey while you are young even before you step into university.

Read on and take a look at what Pretoria Youth Theatre can offer you below:

Acting classes

Pretoria Youth Theatre offers acting classes for kids and teenagers aged 2-18 years old. Enrol your child now and witness huge improvements in their acting, singing, dancing and other skills related to theatre production. Classes are held at Scrooge and Marley’s backstage which is located at 80 Jean Ave, Doringkloof.

Theatre shows

Sit back, relax and enjoy watching the amazing theatre shows aimed at 1-8 years olds. These productions can surely be enjoyed by the whole family! You can also watch your kids perform through our theatre shows!


Do you think you have what it takes to be the next theatre star? Take your shot at Pretoria Youth Theatre’s upcoming auditions! We hold auditions every year to fill out the roles for our new and upcoming theatre shows. Auditions will take place at Scrooge and Marley’s backstage which is located at 80 Jean Ave, Doringkloof.

Due to recent circumstances, we now accept online audition tapes which you can send through email or by going to our contact page. Successful auditionees will take the next step by meeting with the theatre team.

Theatre crash courses

Do you want to learn how to sing, act or dance even before your auditions or classes? Go to our blog section and see a wide range of theatre 101, how-to’s as well as tips and tricks that will help you perform to your full potential.

The Pretoria Youth Theatre production team

Take a look at Pretoria Youth Theatre’s production team below to see the people who will be working with your kids:

  • Producer: Chester Martin
  • Director: Kerry Smith
  • Trainer: Hannah Gray
  • Trainer: Bea Martin
  • Workshop production choreographer: Charice Solomon

Sign up for classes today

Sign your kid up for theatre classes today! For more details about the classes and how to register for them, go to the classes page which you can see on your dashboard. If you have any other questions or concerns not covered on the page, do not hesitate to reach out to us by filling out the form on our contact page.

Pretoria Youth Theatre is located at 1 Pioneer Road Irene, South Africa. For more updates and to see what we do daily, follow our social media accounts. You can see our accounts by simply clicking on the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube icons at the bottom of the page. We look forward to seeing you and your kids here at Pretoria Youth Theatre!