Venue for classes

Classes are held at “Backstage” Scrooge and Marleys

Available classes at Pretoria Youth Theatre

Welcome to Pretoria Youth Theatre! Expand your or your kid’s theatrical skills from acting, singing to dancing. Here, you can find valuable classes to improve your talents and meet fellow theatre enthusiasts. Take a look at the various classes you can take here at Pretoria Youth Theatre below:

Acting classes

Pretoria Youth Theatre offers you the opportunity to learn acting techniques on a variety of levels. Our acting classes include lessons about the following:

Screen acting

For those who want to act in front of the screen whether it is on film or television, Pretoria Youth Theatre’s screen acting class can train you on how to act in front of the camera along with an insight into the technical elements of screen acting. Enrolling in this class lets you use and act in front of the latest HD camera equipment.

You can choose to take the Screen Acting 101 course which lasts for up to 2 months depending on how you grasp the lessons. You can also undergo quick courses which are perfect for those who are just looking for refreshers or just want to get a glimpse of what screen acting is like.

Comedy acting

If you want to learn how to deliver effective comedic lines and comic performances, our comedy acting class is the perfect course for you. Here, you will learn how to be more upbeat, playful and dynamic when it comes to acting. You will also learn how to use your sense of humour as your edge.

Aside from being acquainted with comedic acting, you will also learn what physical posture and vocal delivery suits comedy actors well. Pretoria Youth Theatre has skilled trainers that will make your lessons fun and entertaining.

By the end of a 2 to 3 months course, you will be able to create your comedy scene, throw a fun and witty lines and deliver jokes that will surely arouse laughter in the audience. An additional week of classes will also be included wherein you will learn how to develop and write creative and comedic scripts.

Method acting classes

Do you want to be a method actor? Start your journey to a more sincere and expressive acting career by enrolling in Pretoria Youth Theatre’s method acting class. Here, we train students how to properly use imagination, emotions and senses to deliver an authentic act. Some of the popular method actors are Julia Robers, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.

Method acting is not something that you can learn and master within weeks, which is why there are certain phases students will undergo that can last for up to 4-6 months depending on their improvement.

To grasp the method acting lessons quicker and better, you should have prior experience in acting classes before moving on to this course. Doing this means you will get the hang of method acting easier since you already have the basics of stagecraft, voice and rehearsal tactics.

Students who will enrol on method acting classes are expected to work with demanding scenes and complex scripts while maintaining relaxation and focus. The course content may differ depending on how the trainers see your skill and potential. But some of the topics generally included in our method acting class are:

  • Improvisation tactics
  • Sense memory exercises
  • Voice and movement confidence
  • Collaborative work
  • Capturing the essence of a character

Pretoria Youth Theatre’s method acting class will already provide you with scripts that can be used for the whole course duration. There will also be a maximum of five students per class to ensure that the trainer can focus more on the individual skill and growth of the students.

Voice lessons

Pretoria Youth Theatre offers voice training delivered by skilled tutors who will help students be equipped with confidence and personality when it comes to speaking and singing. This class is perfect for those who feel like they lack power and control over their voice. Our voice lessons will teach you practical tips and vocal exercises.

If you would like to change the pitch, pace, volume and tone of your voice, the series of lessons we offer can adapt and change the way you use your voice according to your preferences. By the end of the course, you will be able to remove tensions around your neck, breathe more effectively and improve your voice’s clarity and quality.

Voice lessons are not only useful for acting careers but are also highly beneficial for those who are working in the field of business such as advertising. If you want to dive into the voice over industry, enrolling in a voice lesson will give you great help.

For2 to 3 months, you will have the chance to record your demo reel complete with music and sound design. It will also be edited by a skilled sound engineer. You can use the demo reel in any way you want or you can even produce it yourself.

For those who don’t want to act or sing, but simply feel like their voice does not represent their personality the way they would like it, getting a voice lesson is a great solution for that. Here, you will develop your vocal potential and have more confidence in your voice which will help you deliver a more engaging and powerful conversation.

Pretoria Youth Theatre’s voice classes are limited to 5 students only per class to ensure that each student will be given priority and individual feedback. Some topics that are generally included in the course are:

  • Breathing exercises 
  • Posture work
  • Vocal range
  • Speech delivery
  • Overcoming anxiety and nerves

Dance class

If you think you have two left feet, Pretoria Youth Theatre’s dance class will surely help you learn the basic dance moves and routines which will help you feel confident every time you sway your body to the beat. We offer the basic lessons in the following types of dance:

  • Ballet: Our ballet lessons include basic steps and workshops
  • Ballroom: Learn how to dance standard and Latin ballroom dance styles
  • Belly dance: Stay in shape while enjoying belly dance lessons
  • Jazz: We offer jazz dance lessons for both beginners and advanced dancers
  • Jive: Learn to dance the upbeat moves of jive
  • Salsa: Our salsa dance lessons are available in both regular and social classes
  • Steet: Dance with attitude by enrolling in our street dance classes
  • Tango: Learn how to dance with drama and flair through our tango classes
  • Tap: We offer basic tap steps as well as more advanced moves for experts
  • Samba: Get the festive spirit of Brazil by enrolling in Samba classes

Whether you are setting foot on the dance floor for the first time or just want a refresher course, we have the right dance lessons for you. 

More details about Pretoria Youth Theatre’s classes

Take a look at the costs of Pretoria Youth Theatre’s classes as well as the location where they will be held by reading on below:

Venue and directions

Kids ages 2-18 can enrol in the classes above which are held every Monday to Friday at Scrooge & Marley’s building located at 80 Jean Avenue, Doringkloof, Centurion. There are times when we also hold classes at a bigger auditorium at the Irene Village Theatre, 1 Pioneer Road, Irene, Centurion.

If you don’t know how to go to Irene Village Theatre, follow the directions below:

  1. Travel along the Polokwane Highway.
  2. Take the Botha Avenue turnoff then head towards Irene Village Theatre.

For those who don’t know how to go to Scrooge & Marley, check out the directions below:

  1. Travel along the Polokwane Highway.
  2. Turn right at Alexander Road.
  3. Take another right turn onto Jean Avenue.
  4. Look for Scrooge & Marley on your left side.


Each normal class costs R1,150 which will last from January to June and should be fully paid before the class starts unless other arrangements have been made. For new members, a one-time registration fee of R250 will also be incurred.

Those who want to attend advanced classes should complete the normal classes first. Lessons in advanced classes usually require knowledge of the things that have been taught in normal classes. Each class under this costs R1,000.

Should you or your child make it into one of Pretoria Youth Theatre’s productions, rehearsal costs will be incurred. These rehearsals will take place on various dates apart from the classes which are mostly scheduled during Saturday afternoons.

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